How to Use AuthorConnect as a Private Industry Member

How to use AuthorConnect (as a Private Industry Member)

Our AuthorConnect service is in the very early stages of its existence.  It is our hope that you will view it as a viable specialized social media platform, just for spiritual writers and industry professionals. If you see things that you think may not be working correctly, or if you see things you would like to see changed, please let us know! But also please remember this is a free and grassroots-developed platform, so there may be things we’re not able to change.  Regardless, here are the primary things you can do:

  1. Search the Author Members Directory to learn about authors with whom you may want to connect (see search suggestions below)
  2. Contact authors in the Author Members Directory by sending them a private message (within the AuthorConnect website) or by using the email address found in their profile. Remember, solicitation of Author Members for the sale of services is prohibited. In order to send a private message to another author through AuthorConnect, just click on the Message button on that author’s profile.  You can select from several emoticons to include in your message if you wish. You can send up to 5 messages total per day.   
  3. Check to see you have received any messages by going to your Profile and clicking on the Messages button (mail icon).
  4. Get an email notification when you have received a message by clicking on “Account” in the main menu, then click on the Notifications button (mail icon) in the vertical menu.  Then you can select whether or not you would like to received an email when someone sends you a private message.
  5. Wall posts – just as with other social networks, you can create posts on your wall or on an author’s wall. Just go to your Profile page (or that of another author) and click on the Activity button (pencil icon) to see your (their) wall. Then type in what you would like to post. You can include hyperlinks, hashtags, and photos in your post. If your hyperlink is to YouTube or Vimeo, your video will be embedded in the post. You can click on a hashtag to see all posts including that hashtag. You can also comment on any post. Any post or comment you make will also appear on the All-Members Wall.
  6. All-Members Wall – in order to see a running stream of posts from all of our Members, click on the “All-Members Wall” in the main menu. Feel free to post announcements and other information of interest to our members!
  7. Follow and connect with other authors in the Author Members Directory by clicking on the social media links in their profile.

In the future we may include additional functionality. Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions.


Search Suggestions

AuthorConnect has a powerful search function that allows you to search for other authors in the Directory.  First go to the “Author Members” page and look for the Search box. Then type in the characteristic you are looking for. For instance, if you would like to find other authors who write fiction, simply type “fiction” into the search box. The result should include all Author Members who list that as one of their genres.  Or if you would like to view all of the African American Author Members, type “African American” into the search box. The results should include all Author Members who have indicated they are African Americans.

You can also search for gender identity.  So for instance, if you would like to find Author Members from the LGBT community, type “LGBT” into the search box. The results should include all Author Members who have indicated they are part of the LGBT community.

Basically, you can search for any characteristic that is contained in the Author Profiles:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Terms used within a bio
  • Book titles
  • Primary racial identity
    • White / European
    • Black / African American / African
    • Latinx / Hispanic
    • Asian American / Asian
    • Native American
    • Other
    • Prefer not to say
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
    • Female
    • Male
    • LGBT+
    • Prefer not to specify
  • Genres
    • Adult nonfiction
    • Adult fiction
    • Children’s
    • Young Adult
    • Memoir
    • Poetry
    • Essays
    • Articles
    • Sermons
    • Other
  • Interests
    • Local writing partner
    • Remote writing partner
    • Local writers group
    • Online writers group
    • Looking for a mentor
    • Willing to serve as a mentor
    • Peer manuscript review
  • Country
  • State



Q: Who runs AuthorConnect? A: AuthorConnect is owned and operated by Writing for Your Life.

Q: Can Author Members find out who the individual editors or agents are who participate in the program? A: Not unless you make a post or comment, or send them a message.

Q: What should I do if someone sends me a message, or posts something, that is inappropriate? A: Please contact us immediately at

Q: How can I find out which other publishing houses or literary agents are included in AuthorConnect? A: The companies that have been invited to participate are listed here. We are attempting to limit the list to only traditional publishers (not hybrid) and literary agents who are known and respected by Writing for Your Life.


If you have questions, please contact

If you have suggestions regarding additional AuthorConnect features you would like to see, please let us know here.