AuthorConnect is the first social network designed specifically for spiritual writers. It is completely ad-free 🙂

Here you can learn about and connect with other authors

    • Partnering is a very important way for authors to increase awareness of their work
    • Networking at an event is a great way to develop partnerships, but right now there are few events. AuthorConnect is a way to still connect while we must stay physically apart. This will become increasingly important as more of our world goes online, and as more people become comfortable with online ways of working and building relationships.
    • Solicitation of Author Members for the sale of services is prohibited.

Here you can be seen by members of the spiritual publishing industry

    • Key personnel within selected publishing industry companies have been invited to become Industry Members in AuthorConnect. This enables them to view and search our entire Author Member Directory, view Author Member Profiles, and learn more about you.
    • We do not divulge the identities of participating publishing industry individuals, however members of these companies have access to the AuthorConnect Author Member Directory.
    • Only members of approved traditional publishing houses and literary agencies have access to this service. This excludes hybrid publishing companies.

AuthorConnect helps you transcend geographic limitations

    • In the “old days” our primary means of meeting people and interacting was in person – at church and other in-person events. With the increasing capabilities offered through online technology, connecting in a meaningful way online is becoming increasingly effective, and allows you to connect with like-minded authors located anywhere.

AuthorConnect helps you build relationships with other authors without the hassles, controversy, and distractions of traditional social media

    • AuthorConnect members are spiritual writers, or members of the spiritual publishing industry, who are interested in connecting with other spiritual writers
    • Membership in AuthorConnect is subject to our Code of Conduct and can be terminated at any time, at the sole discretion of AuthorConnect leadership